Sunday, 24 July 2011

La Tour Eifel

The Tower, which was built by the engineer Gustave Eiffel for the Universal Exhibition of 1889, comprises three floors and is 317 metres high. On top are radio and television transmitters serving Paris. The lift machinery located below ground level in the west and east pillars was installed in 1899, and is strangely reminiscent of the imaginary world of Jules Verne.

1st floor: 57 metres
Observatory logging the movements of the top of the Tower.
The “Feroscope” provides details of the Tower's construction and protective paintwork.
The Cineiffel space affords exceptional views of the Eiffel Tower.
Souvenir shops.
The “Altitude 95” restaurant - Tel.: +33(0)1 45 55 20 04 - Fax: +33(0)1 47 05 94 40
The post office, for that special “Paris Tour Eiffel” postmark.
Viewing tables showing various Paris sights.
The Gustave Eiffel room for
Receptions and conferences.
Panoramic view of Paris.
Reservations: +33(0)1 44 11 23 33.
2nd floor: 115 metres
Panoramic views of Paris.
Telescopes and shops.
Animated displays explaining the workings of the lifts.
The Jules Verne restaurant - Tel.: +33(0)1 45 55 61 44
3rd floor: 276 metres
Exceptional daytime and night-time panoramic views of Paris and the surrounding area.
Reconstitution of Thomas Edison speaking with Gustave Eiffel in his office.
Viewing and orientation tables.
Dioramas presenting the history of the 3rd floor. 


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