Friday, 10 June 2011


Biblioteca Nacional

Centro Cultural Justiça Federal

Bar Amarelinho

Cine Odeon

Theatro Municipal
The public square Marechal Floriano Peixoto, a.k.a Cinelândia, is located in the centre of Rio de Janeiro and runs north to south between Avenida Rio Branco and 13 de Maio and east to west between Araújo Porto Alegre and Evaristo da Veiga. The square was opened during the period of Avenida Rio Branco's construction, in the beginning of 20th century. At that time, there was a modernization project of Rio de Janeiro's downtown which goal was to follow the parisian urbanistic pattern with boulevards and Art Nouveau style buildings. Around of Cinelândia you can find a lot of buildings from Rio's Belle Époque: Palácio Pedro Ernesto, the Biblioteca Nacional, the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, the Odeon, the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (known as Amarelinho) and the Theatro Municipal.

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- The name Cinelândia became popular in the year 1930, when the square had various cinemas and a vivid cultural life. Today you will only find one cinema, the Cine Odeon;
- In 1976, the Palácio Monroe, one of Cilnelândia most beautiful monuments was teared down. Today the fountain Monroe is where the palace used to be.

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  1. Very beautiful structures. Any traveler, with our without camera, will be enthralled with these kinds of sights. :) More photos please!