Thursday, 2 June 2011

Arcos dos Teles

Built in the end of the 18th century, Arco dos Teles (Telles Arch) is what’s left of an old, colonial Brazil residence. Located in the Praça XV plaza, in the middle of the city center, it’s the very last of the many “arches” that used to be so common in Rio. It is named after the Teles de Meneses family, former palace owners in the plaza. 

It leads to Travessa do Comércio, the alleyway to Rua da Lapa dos Mercadores, a corridor of houses in Old Rio style. 

Now it is full of bars and restaurants and attracts a regular crowd that includes business types from nearby offices as well as visiting tourists, who come for the food or the late afternoon happy hour. 

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Back at the time of the viceroys in Colonial Brazil, if was sought after by those looking for a statue of Our Lady of Prazeres that was placed in a special niche in the “arco”. 

Besides food and drink, the bars and restaurants offer a variety of live music and spread their tables on the sidewalk.

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