Saturday, 16 November 2013

La Lanterna

The Lanterna, symbol of Genoa and most important lighthouse of the city, is a 77-metre-high tower, made of two blocks, square in section, roughly of the same height, and both with a projecting terrace.
Built on a rock of 40 metres of height, the top of the Lanterna stands therefore at 117 metres above the sea level. Its light is visible from more than 50 kilometres away.
The Lanterna has welcomed vessels and boats and guided them into the harbour for centuries. The Lanterna, as we see it today, was built in 1543; unofficial sources, however, date back to 1128 the building on this site of the first tower intended to assist navigators.

Today visitors can climb 172 steps, reach the first terrace (76 m above the sea level), and enjoy the breathtaking view of the port and the old city.


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