Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nieuwe Kerk - Delft

The New Church on the Markt dates back to 1381 and is closely connected to the House of Oranje-Nassau, the Dutch Royal Family. 

This church has the royal vault where the members of the royal family rest in peace. 
Prince William of Orange, the Father of the Nation was shot in 1584 and was the first to be buried here. His unusual and impressive mausoleum can be visited. It was built between 1614 and 1622 and was designed by architect Hendrick de Keyser. It was restored thoroughly in 1997. The choir isle of the church has various mausoleums, including that of Hugo Grotius. The church has 16 stained-glass windows. The church has an exhibition and there is a video presentation on the history of the Nieuwe Kerk and the royal family. You can also climb the 108,75-meter high tower.

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