Saturday, 24 August 2013

ll Bigo

The panoramic lift called Bigo, originally a crane mounted on cargo ships, was transformed by Renzo Piano into the architectural symbol of Genoa’s old port offering breathtaking views of the city. A ride in the panoramic elevator is a thrilling experience and with its spectacular rotating see-through cabin offers visitors the opportunity to admire the beauty of Genoa from a height of 40 meters.

Rising above the usual perspective, the audio guide commentary will draw your attention to the history and characteristics of the area`s key structures. An overview on the history and life of Genoa’s prominent historical center which extends to include the now famous biosphere designed by Renzo Piano, built in the heart of the old port area and close to the Aquarium.
The panoramic lift, held up by the Bigo, offers  the most unique guided tour experience. The rotating see-through cabin features audio guide headsets and multiple language description panels illustrating the city’s bell towers, turrets, typical slate roofs and the old and modern buildings that emerge from the labyrinth of Genoa’s "alleyways".

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