Sunday, 16 October 2011

La Biosfera

The Biosphere is a glass and steel structure measuring 20 m in diameter and weighing 60 tons.
It houses a small ecosystem of tropical animals and plants. The historical botanical collections of the Municipality of Genoa have provided rare specimens of tropical trees. Besides the renowned ferns, perhaps the largest in the world grown in containers, there are also species traditionally used by humans such as rubber, coffee and cocoa trees.

This small but rich botanical garden where butterflies, birds, amphibians and reptiles freely roam, brings together the beauty, complexity and fragility of tropical forests. These ecosystems, among the richest in terms of biodiversity are rapidly disappearing due to the increased development of human activities.
A computerized system monitors the climate inside the glass dome and regulates the temperature using air convection and fog.

The strong emotional experience while entering the rainforest of the Biosphere, under the guidance of experienced staff, allows visitors to capture the extraordinary uniqueness of tropical environments and the seriousness of their rapid process of destruction.

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