Friday, 27 May 2011

Forte de Copacabana

The Forte de Copacabana was inaugurated in 1914, after six years of construction. In the beginning it served to protect the cariocan coast, but in 1987 the fortress became a cultural place. On of the atractions are the pieces of the artillery of the XIX and XX centuries, which are exposed on the outside of the fortress, the Museu Histórico do Exército, which shows military artifacts of colonial, imperial and republican time, a library and a Confeitaria Colombo branch, the Café do Forte. There is also an auditorium, Santa Bárbara, a showroom temporary and a souvenier shop. 

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- Its total area is 114.169 square meters big;
- About 2.000 workers were needed to build the fortress;
- the artillary has canons mad by the german company Krupp;
- It became national heritage in 1990 by the Inepac (Instituto Estadual de Patrimônio Cultural).

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